MS Monterey – Multiple Sclerosis – Calendar


Please note that the Pool Class, Art with Sophie, CHOMP PT lead exercise class, Join the Conversation and Park Gathering are provided by MS Monterey and are FREE OF CHARGE for all participants.

Pool Class – every Monday & Wednesday from Noon-1:00 at Monterey Sports Center those interest must register at:
(Pool Class generously provided by Valentia Valentine)

May 2: Art with Sophie 1:00pm (1st, Thurs. @ month)

Simone is on vacation: CHOMP PT exercise classes 1:00pm (2nd, Thurs. @ month)

Replace this month by field trip to Pt Lobos: Join the Conversation with Bette & Christine, 1:00pm (3rd, Thurs. @ month)

May 24: Get Together in the Park, 11:30am (4th, Fri. @ month)

For more information and to be included in the newsletter, activities or events:

“Friendship, Support and Information. Knowing that we are not alone as we navigate through Parkinson’s and the new normal.” ~ Kathe and Susie Burns