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ms monterey pool class for multiple sclerosis

Dear Friends/Supporters,

MS Monterey is a new grassroots community organizing to support individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)*.

The 2020 closure of the long-established Monterey regional MS nonprofit left dozens of those living with MS without a lifeline. MS Monterey is being built by those who have MS to ensure help is available now and in the future.

In part, our mission, is to promote community, education, and physical fitness for those dealing with MS and other neurological diseases. Our desire is to improve the quality of life for each individual, their families, and caregivers.

Any gift you provide to MS Monterey will allow us to continue to provide support through programs and resources.

Please contact us at with any questions.

Heartfelt thanks!
~ The entire MS Monterey Community

*Others with neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, etc. are welcome and encouraged to join.

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PLEASE NOTE “MS Monterey” when contributing online!

MS Monterey Fiscal Sponsor
Health Projects Center
Non-Profit 501(c)(3) | Tax ID # 94-2713281


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Valentia Valentine (Piccinini) @ Synchronicity Holistic

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Carolyn & Ray Millard 2020-2023

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Vickie & Gary Paynter 2022-2023
Carrieanna Hess 2021-2022
(In honor of her father, Dr. Richard Hess)

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Marie & Larry Swank

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Tammy Jennings
Duane Peterson
Ruth Gardner
Joan Giltner & Sharon Nowlin
Jay & Kip Hudson
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Enid Day
Laurence Howard
Patty Nee
Roberta Schneider
Melissa Kennedy
Beatrice Shoughrow
Heather & Spencer Kaminsen
Dr. Susan Paris
Michael Nee
Frank & Christine Marshall-Gustafson
Greek Ortho. Ladies Philioptochos Society
Teresa DeLuca
Ruth Forsberg
Kathryn Ryan-Thaanum
Ralph & Carol Parziale


Drs. Bette Nee-Williams & Leslie Williams
Ray & Carolyn Millard
Valentia Valentine
Marie & Larry Swank
Christine Gustafson
Vickie & Gary Paynter
David & Karyn Williams
Dr. Jeff & Melonie Cooper
John & Samantha Jennings
Mary Wessling
Diane Whelan
Katrina Dorsey

“Resilience, community and support when it’s needed the most. A group of people that will welcome you with open arms; offer a lending hand, advice on medications and remedies, and a shoulder to lean on during especially difficult times. This group bears no judgement and has likely been where you are before. Their advice and support can be found in the pool, zoom meetings and monthly get togethers. This group of people contains some of the most genuine and empathetic people I’ve met. While I have not been working with them for over a year, they still make every effort to include me on emails and invites to any events. A truly beautiful community I am privileged to be a part of.” ~ Taylor Copeland, Pool Class Instructor