Welcome to MS in Harmony, a friendly, supportive, informative space where you can discover the effects of multiple sclerosis (MS) on the body and mind—and the potential effect of music therapy as it relates to the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of MS.

“MS in Harmony is a cool and really fun way for people with multiple sclerosis and their loved ones to explore the potential of music therapy in achieving harmony of the mind and body. I’m involved because my sister-in-law Courtney has relapsing MS. This was a chance for me to give to her – and to everyone living life with this condition.” ~ Ben Platt, award-winning actor, singer, and songwriter

Whether you’re living with MS or the loved one or care partner of a person with MS, you’re taking a great first step in exploring the MS In Harmony website.

What’s next? Dive into some videos or read on to learn a little more about music therapy.

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MS In Harmony

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