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Bladder issues such as frequent urination, incontinence, bladder urgency, or urinary tract infections (UTIs) affect up to 90 percent of people living with multiple sclerosis (MS). Urinary problems and MS can be frustrating, but they should be addressed quickly because untreated bladder dysfunction can lead to complications down the road, such as kidney stones.

One MyMSTeam user lamented, “Bladder issues keep me close to home.” Another said, “I’ve had some embarrassing accidents, but I have made the adjustments that I need to.”

To better understand the link between MS and bladder dysfunction, MyMSTeam talked to Dr. Barry Singer. Dr. Singer is the director and founder of The MS Center for Innovations in Care at Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis. His award-winning MS website, MS Living Well, launched in 2007 and has been a valuable resource in more than 190 countries. He is also the host of the “MS Living Well Podcast,” available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


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