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having an emergency plan in place for MS
Getting help and helpers organized before you have an MS emergency will make a big difference when an urgent situation arises.
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In preparation for an interview that was recently requested for a local radio station, I was doing some research that, as per usual, led me down a multiple sclerosis (MS) path.

The interview was not about MS, or anything health-related at all. After yet another school shooting in the United States, I was asked to help listeners in Ireland understand America’s gun culture. Mind you, I would have much rather been talking about anything else!

School days today are so much different from when I was young. I am of the “drop, duck, and cover” drills generation. (This maneuver was supposed to help us survive an atomic bomb explosion.) Now, they have “active shooter” lockdown drills in schools. No judgment there. It’s just a fact.

Practicing what we must do in difficult situations is an important part of making it through said situations. My first trumpet teacher told me that “Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

So, I get the need for such drills.

My experience in the U.S. Coast Guard was even more studded with drills of every sort. From fire and flooding exercises to man overboard drills and even on to Navy-led military training drills, it seemed that any idle time was a good time for a drill.




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