CSU Northridge logoHello Monterey MS, I want to share a way for you to get a free Zoom exercise class to help you, myself, and graduate and undergraduate students at CSU Northridge.

In this class you receive information and demonstrations on how to perform exercises in your own home. This will be a guided lesson plan set up by the students with your goals and needs in mind.

This is a free resource that CSU Northridge is offering. You will be paired up with graduate and undergrad students studying Kinesiology. All you need is access to Zoom. If you are interested please email teri.todd@csun.edu. I will also be more than happy to answer questions or concerns for you.

Stephan Fitzpatrick, fitzsteph@gmail.com

Teri Todd, Ph.D., Associate Professor, teri.todd@csun.edu

(818) 677-5090 / 677-3463

FAQ – Virtual Exercise Program, PDF

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